From the recording Stardust a Garden


I, was looking for answers
To all the questions in my head
I couldn’t sleep
and I wanted out

I, I found that the answer
Is let it go and be yourself live your life
cause we don’t have too long

I….hit the ground runnin’
Found me my woman and this old guitar
I asked for help…help from my neighbors
And I helped them with favors, and it warmed my heart
It warmed my heart

Our Lives are full of perfection, but we shut it out and close our eyes
I don’t know why it’s never enough
Don’t judge, a book by its cover
Cause you don’t know what lies inside
We’re all unique and you’d hate to miss out

We’re here, we’re all here together
Through good and bad weather, but we stand apart
And we laugh, but we don’t do it enough, so we turn to the hard stuff, to cope and mend
To cope and mend

The air, the air that we’re breathing
It doesn’t exist, anywhere near, not like here, this is our home
Our thoughts, the thoughts that we’re thinking
The anger swells we find ourselves afraid to feel, the love that we need

Our needs, are different than our wants
Think about what we’ve got, and smile on that
Our souls, blow-in-the-wind like feathers
May they come together, in the name of love
In the name of love
In the name of love