What can I say other than I was blown away by the band’s excellent song writing and their incredible performance.” - Frank Thompson

These Subtle Sounds


Whiskey Feathers

Roots Rock band from Baltimore, Maryland

Whiskey Feathers are a 6-piece roots rock band from Baltimore and the surrounding hills of northern Maryland. If you can imagine the vibe of The Last Waltz, add a healthy dose of potent Stapleton-esque leads, and top it with soprano and alto harmonies, you can start to get a sense of Whiskey Feathers’ sound. The band’s growing catalog of original music runs the gamut of emotional peaks from jubilation to introspection with songs crafted by bandleader Brittain Duckworth. Whiskey flew into Brittain’s life, then it flew off, and it dropped some feathers of songs as it flew the coop. That’s the kind of thing Brittain writes songs about; his commitment to quitting drinking, or reflecting on a turbulent past, or contemplating his place within the cosmos—crystalline lyrics on his examination of the human condition, all floating above a roots rock menagerie of folk, country, and blues. 

Whiskey Feathers are Brittain Duckworth on baritone vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica, Jenny Fitchett singing soprano vocals and playing keys, Kyndal Gehlbach singing alto and playing violin, Lucas Chohany playing electric guitar, Jon Schroeder playing the basses, and E.J. Thompson on drums.

The band is currently booking local and regional shows while preparing to release their full-length debut album, Stardust a Garden, on 3/18/2023.


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